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The Integrated Astrological Guide to Self-Empowerment

The Chalice of Arcturus

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November 10, 2017

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This academically integrated text offers the first in-depth astrological/psychological guide to empower and transform one’s life and perspective. All cross-disciplined and academic subjects that can be integrated into this philosophic structure, are referenced and explained. This text is complete will all basic astrological significators delineated with new and expanded insight. A complete explanation of how we bring our early environment and beliefs into adulthood and create our reality and experiences, is explored and explained psychologically, metaphysically and pragmatically.

This book blends many different philosophies and gives the message that using astrology can be a tool to self-understanding and transformation; that it is not a mysterious tool of divination but that it can be used to examine our existing beliefs, and that it is up to us what we do with that knowledge.The ideas in this book challenge the reader to look at the responsibility they have for their own lives, and begin to teach how to do this using astrology.

The individual interpretations of placements are basic. The author has delved to the core of the meanings of the archetypes from a psychological perspective. The results are dynamic, all-encompassing (yet specific to the placement) keys, with which to begin delineations. This is something that has been lacking in many other astrology books with more shallow definitions.

There are several example delineations of charts which take the reader through the process of using this information in a complete chart, showing how the insight from the previous chapters can be used to “read” a chart.

Definitely a work of text-book caliber, not a coffee-table book.

The Integrated Astrological Guide to Self-Empowerment
Original price was: $20.95.$15.00Current price is: $15.00.