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The Seventh Ray Press website is linked to many other sites and platforms. Ingrid Naiman has 50 websites and columns on Substack and Locals.  Some of the links listed below.


The Substack venture was launched in January 2023 and currently has over one hundred essays on health, philosophy, and music.

In response to the unprecedented flooding in many parts of the world, Ingrid Naiman is starting a subscription column on devoted to the issues surrounding mold. This venture will include short videos, each one focused on a single topic, podcasts, essays, e-books, courses, and certification in mold remediation as well as mold treatment when persons and pets become infected.  You can subscribe and will be notified as soon as posts are added.

Cancer Checklist

This site was created in 2006 and not updated since. However, it contains many pages on detoxification as well as essays on psychospiritual aspects of healing.

Many of the formulas discussed in Cancer Salves, A Botanical Approach to Treatment, have been recreated by Sacred Medicine Sanctuary.

This is an archival site where hundreds of essays, dating from 2006, have been published and organized into categories.