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Intellectual Property

The Seventh Ray Press is devoted to sharing information that will improve the quality of life of readers. However, a great deal of study and work goes into the preparation of literature, and we value the efforts of authors and publishers. We therefore fully support all the international conventions regarding correct use of intellectual property, including written permission and proper attribution. Even if material is free and published online, it is still copyright protected and we politely urge you to use our contact form when seeking to quote or reprint material.

Free e-Books and PDFs

These are available on various sites but a new site is under development and will be announced shortly.  In the meantime, a sample is available on

Digital Rights Management

Due to the challenges of protecting the intellectual property of authors, we are in the process of created a site where all the e-books are available as digitally protected flipbooks.

Registered Users and Customers

If registered as a user, you create a profile in WordPress that includes a user name and e-mail plus any other information you wish to provide. This information is used to send you updates about webinars, courses, additions to the bookstore, and events that might interest subscribers.

If you make a purchase, the information saved on the press website contains the items in the order and shipping information. It does not contain any credit card information. That information is stored on the payment gateway which may be Stripe or PayPal. We do not have access to the complete number. On Stripe, we can see the issuing bank, the type of card used, its expiry date, and the last four digits. With PayPal, we do not have this  this information.

As a registered user and customer, you may occasionally be invited to read a flipbook for free, and you will be notified of any online events that may interest you.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to use our Contact Form.