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Astrological Crosses in Relationships


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For the first time ever, here is an astrology book that focuses on astrological crosses (the cardinal, fixed, and mutable aspects of the signs of the zodiac) and their impact on people’s lives, behavior, actions, and motivations. Crosses are so important to truly understanding a chart that you will wonder how you ever completed an astrological analysis without this essential component. Astrological Crosses in Relationships explores the strengths and challenges of each cross, using many real-life stories taken from the author’s consulting practice. Crosses revealed in the birth chart provide the best clue to personal energy style: Cardinal energy dreams and initiates; Fixed energy desires and creates, Mutable energy communicates and analyzes With this innovative guide, you can learn to identify crosses in everyday life experiences, mend star-crossed relationships, and balance a lack or overemphasis of crosses in your birth chart.

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