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The Three Great Healing Herbs


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For the first time, three very effective and popular naturopathic remedies are presented together in one book. The description of the advantages, mutual characteristics, and differences in effect and application will help the reader always decide on precisely the right remedy for each situation. Tea tree oil, St. John’s wort, and black cumin oil — all three help in preventing health disorders, are ideal hygienic and healing remedies for many everyday problems. As a result, they should be included in every home first-aid kit. Their strengths lie in the antibacterial, antiviral, and antimycotic effects. But they have also proved to be useful helpers in the household, garden, and in the care of animals. This clearly presented and well-illustrated handbook is based on a great deal of experience with these three healing remedies. Tea Tree, St. Johns Wort and Black Cumin: these herbs belong in everyone’s herbal first aid kit. Between them they have potent anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic and anti-viral properties. They have uses both internal and external. This book describes their benefits, properties and appropriate uses.

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November 18, 1998


Monika Junemann


Lotus Press