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Transits and Solar Returns

Transits and Solar Returns is a uniquely useful tool for interpreting transits to the birth chart and the annual solar return. Included are extensive sections that delineate the transits in the houses and in aspect to all of the other planets, both harmonious of dissonant, as well as delineation of all of the planets in all of the solar return houses. The book begins with the author’s Thirty Rules for interpreting transits and solar returns. These rules, which go beyond many of those found in other books, are based on the author’s extensive experience and research. These rules of interpreting function as a practical how-to for reading transits and solar returns using a step-by-step method that’s easy to follow and implement. There are numerous examples to illustrate the author’s interpretation method Useful and extensive appendices offer guidelines for solar return interpretation and relocation on the birthday in order to maximize positive planetary placements and minimize the negative.



250 pages