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The Art of Aromatherapy


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Category: GTIN: ISBN-13: 978-0892810017

This complete, practical guide shows how to use the essential oils of flowers and herbs as a gentle yet effective method of natural healing. Beginning with the history and use of essential oils in cosmetics and perfumes from ancient Egyptian times to the present day, the author details 29 essences, with their properties and applications in more than 100 conditions, ranging from emotional stress to skin disorders.
Includes easy-to-prepare recipes for massage and medicinal oils, facial masks, ointments, and aromatic baths.

Explains the importance of essential oils in Swedish, shiatsu, and neuromuscular massage.

Provides tables of evaporation rates, odor intensity, therapeutic index, and glossary of medical terms.

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328 pages

Original Publication Date

April 1, 1978


Robert B. Tisserand


Crescent Books,

Healing Arts Press,

Inner Traditions