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Mind in Harmony


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Mind in Harmony will interest anyone who is curious to know what Buddhism has to say about the mind and how to live an ethical life. Subhuti describes the mind from the Buddhist point of view, and shows how such knowledge can help us live a more satisfactory life. This is also a handbook for those who are seriously interested in the long-established Buddhist system of “mind training,” and offers some of the tools needed to construct a system of mind training for oneself.

Subhuti has led meditation retreats in Europe, the United States, and India on the Buddhist texts of the Yogacara Abhidharma, the source of this system of mind training. This book represents the crystallization of that teaching experience. Subhuti uses the perennial wisdom of the Abhidharma to illuminate mental patterns, and so draws a map of the mind that helps us first to recognize and then to transform our inner world and our lives.


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June 9, 2015




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