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Hoxsey Therapy


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This book is a historical account of the battle between Naturopath Harry Hoxsey and both the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration. It started when Harry’s father’s horse contracted cancer on his Illinois farm and ate in a different pasture than the rest of the herd, and was cured. Not long after, Harry’s father was on his death bed when he asked his son to make natural herbs with cancer curative properties available to the public. The rest of his life, this naturopath would battle traditional medicine in what was deemed one of the longest legal wars in history. Eventually Dr. Hoxsey won his day in court with the AMA by proving that the Hoxsey formulas, which are listed within the pages of this book, cured cancer. Within days, the FDA pad locked 17 Hoxsey therapy clinics in 17 major cities across the united states and the clinic was moved to Tijuana, Mexico, where it operates today. Complete with pictures of nationally broadcasted healings, congressional hearings, and an account of Harry Hoxsey’s plight to help mankind in his own words.

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August 11, 2009


Harry Hoxsey


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