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Elements and Evolution


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Elements & Evolution is a spiritual astrology book for a general audience. It introduces the 4 elements (earth, water, air, fire) and how they interrelate to structure and catalyze evolution.This book aims to make several contributions to the field. 1) New Classification of the Elements: Water & Fire (Charged), Earth & Air (Neutral). 2) Elemental Levels of Reality Physical (Earth), Emotional (Water), Mental (Air), and Soul (Fire). 3) In-depth discussion of the evolutionary purpose of every aspect. 4) Evolution presented cyclically (evolutionary cycle around the zodiac), and progressively (the development of consciousness). 5) A comprehensive spiritual philosophy of astrology. It is suitable for all astrology students or professionals — anyone who is interested in a spiritual understanding to astrology, and seeks an overarching philosophy of evolutionary growth. Contents: 1) The 4 Elements; 2) Neutral & Charged Elements; 3) The Evolutionary Cycle; 4) Aspects & Evolution Part 1: Oppositions & Trines; 5) Aspects & Evolution Part 2: Squares & Sextiles; 6) Aspects & Evolution Part 3: Quincunxes; 7) The Evolution of Consciousness; 8) Elemental Levels; 9) Liberation & Manifestation; 10) The Spiral Stairway; Appendix) Complex Aspect Configurations

Elements and Evolution