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Culpeper’s Medicine

A Practice Of Western Holistic Medicine


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June 28, 2013

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Drawing on the writings of Nicholas Culpeper, the 17th-century herbalist, apothecary and astrologer, this updated, accessible introduction celebrates the holistic medical traditions of the West, and places Culpeper in his appropriate context as one of the forebears of modern holistic medicine. An extensive new introduction to the work comments on the latest research and developments in the area.

The book traces the development of the Western holistic medical tradition from its origins in the natural philosophy of Ancient Greece to the work of Culpeper himself. It describes and explains the relationship between the four elements, the four humors and the four constitutional types: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic, as well as explaining the functional relationships of organs and body systems. The book explores the interconnectedness of psyche (mind) and soma (body) and includes a section on herbal medicine and therapeutics with a study of 20 common herbs, dietary suggestions and uses for culinary herbs. It also provides accessible information on astrology and the importance of the horoscope for successful diagnosis. The book looks at the holistic approach to the preservation of health and prevention of disease, with explanations of the various disease states, their humoral medical diagnosis and treatment.

An authoritative insight into the expanding world of holistic medicine, this book is an indispensable resource for medical herbalists, students of herbal medicine and all those interested in Western holistic medicine and its origins.

Nicholas Culpeper was a 17th century herbalist, apothecary and astrologer. He is best known as the author of Culpeper’s Herbal, a book that’s still in print some 340 years after his death! Drawing on Culpeper’s extensive writings as well as his own practical experience, Graeme Tobyn translates the perennial wisdom of this Western holistic tradition into modern English.

Culpeper’s Medicine

Out of stock