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Culpeper’s Complete Herbal


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First published over 350 years ago during the reign of Elizabeth I, Culpeper’s Herbal remains one of the most complete listings of herbs and their uses in existence. From Adder’s Tongue to Yarrow, each of the 411 herbs is described in detail, along with its government and virtues, remedies, and cautions. Although much of the medical advice must be taken with a pinch of salt, the engaging tone, enthusiasm, and expertise of the author are irresistible and highly entertaining. Also included is Culpeper’s advice on gathering, drying, conserving, and using herbs to get the most out of them. This collector’s edition is a must-have for anyone interested in herbs and their uses. Each entry is illustrated with a finely detailed image and there are thirty beautiful full-page plates throughout the book.

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January 30, 2012


There have been many editions of Culpeper's Herbal since it was first published in the 17th century. In this edition, the language and spelling have been modernized, but the content is more or less faithful to the original.


Nicholas Culpeper


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