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The Neti Pot for Better Health


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Air pollution is a growing problem worldwide, and allergies and sinusitis are at an all time high. Discover how use of a neti pot may be a simple, safe way to find relief from the headaches, congestion, itching, and sneezing that are common symptoms of these health concerns.

Now gaining popularity in the West, the combination of a neti pot and saline solution has been used for nasal cleansing for hundreds of years in the East. The Neti Pot for Better Health will provide you with the knowledge you need to benefit from this traditional personal health tool.

Information covered includes: basic facts on the workings of the nose and sinuses effectiveness of saline nasal irrigation in fighting disease symptoms and available treatments for sinusitis how to use the neti pot yoga cleansing techniques neti pot suppliers.

This well-researched book illustrates what a positive difference the use of a neti pot can make in your life.


96 pages

Original Publication Date

October 30, 2005


Warren Jefferson


Healthy Living Publications