Oral Health Webinar Series

Dr. Ingrid Naiman

Starts August 2018


Cancer Salves

Many experts throughout history have regarded cancer salves and pastes as the most thorough, safe, and efficacious way to treat cancer, especially skin and breast cancers but also cancers of other organs. In this book, Ingrid Naiman meticulously traces the use of such products in ancient India and by Hildegard of Bingen, Native Americans, and modern physicians. She provides detailed instructions for making and using the salves, a fair comparison of the pros and cons, and eight pages of full color pictures showing responses to the products. Visit her Cancer Salves site for more information, answers to frequently asked questions, and a checklist for people facing cancer.

Author: Ingrid Naiman


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Webinar Series

Official bookstore for the Institute for Invisible Epidemics and the IIE Academy webinars and courses. The series launches on 19 August 2018 with eight webinars on Oral Health. This is followed by six webinars on Mold Remediation and Treatment. Then, in 2019, the Astrology of Healing as well as the famous Kitchen Doctor material will be presented along with the start of the Mid-Life Tune Up and two short webinar series on treatment of Parasite Infections and how to increase Immunity. For more information, visit the Academy.

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