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The Seventh Ray Press was started on the Big Island of Hawaii in the late 1970s following a hugely successful retreat with illustrious astrologers and astronomers, local legends, and profound inner experiences. The Seventh Ray is the energy that coordinates the manifestation of Spirit in Matter, the idea being that both immortal Truth and divine mandate precipitate from the Creator through the receptive mechanisms of incarnate individuals who are then responsible for the correct interpretation and manifestation of the inspiration that seeks to guide us in life.  In short, the Way to Wisdom and Harmony is by awakening to purpose and manifesting Divine Intent in Action.

As Fate would have it, awakening is rarely the satori experience we imagine it might be but rather a steady routine of chopping wood and carrying water while little droplets here and there moisten the mind until its fertility begins to express itself.  In my case, this journey has brought me closer and closer to the world of plants and pollinators, ethnobotanical medical traditions, and profound appreciation for the length and depth of the journey.

In the 70s, I was still young, but at this time, I am working on my legacy.  I truly hope you will enjoy traveling a bit with me.

As you study the titles on this site, you will find that most were written by others, not by me personally.  I have been a student of Eastern philosophy since around age 15 and began my studies of Eastern medicine in my mid- to late-twenties. If I lean back in my chair now and ask what the highlights of my journey have been, I would say that the energetic systems of medicine allowed me to observe the connection between specialization as a soul and reality such as we understand it physically and psychologically.  Plant medicine gave me health and the capacity to share it with others, and darkfield microscopy put the dots over the “i’s" — and that is almost a literal as well as figurative statement.  Music therapy showed me the connection between inspiration, understanding, and patterns of interpretation and experience.  One might also say that the boundaries were moved.  There are boundaries in time and boundaries in space, and both were dissolved by the beauty and profundity of sound.
So, after four decades, the Seventh Ray Press is commencing a new incarnation as the official site for putting my own thoughts into words and print, but I will continue to offer some books from other authors and publishers who have also shared the pearls of their journeys.

Seventh Ray Press

We are a very small publisher that specializes in natural methods of healing, especially herbal medicine with long ethnobotanical traditions, deep psychospiritual approaches that bring all parts of the individual into alignment, music therapy, past life investigations, and medical astrology. We are operated by Dr. Ingrid Naiman and in the process of building her legacy.

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