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Seventh Ray Press

The Seventh Ray is the energy used for coordinating the expression of Spirit in Matter. Ideally it should work through the third eye, beginning with inspiration from a divine source and gradually experiencing interpretation by the rational mind and then manifestation. This is the way to maintain heavenly order on Earth so it seemed like the ideal name for a publishing venture.

The Seventh Ray Press is a very small publishing company as well as online bookstore that focuses on holistic medicine, especially herbal medicine with links to ethnobotanical traditions. In addition, it publishes the astrology of healing work of Ingrid Naiman who started the press in Hawaii in 1978.

For several decades, the Press supported dissemination of materials on esoteric psychology and music therapy as well as Ingrid's Astrology of Healing Correspondence Course which is now going online.

Due however to the global crisis, attention is shifting to sustainable living, starting with how we care for the land and grow our food and medicine.

The press is "housed" in a corner of the back room of the house where Ingrid lives.

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